Teams building for new website

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Assalamou Alaikom wa Rahmatou Allah wa Barakatou,

We’re looking for motivated and talented brothers and sisters in different fields (e.g. IT, Writing, Graphic Design, Video Editor) to help us build a completely brand new website for Al-Andalous Islamic Center.

Goal: Build and revamp a new, modern & extensible website for the mosque and the community.

Requirements: We need several teams to collaborate with each other in order to achieve our goals.

** All members will contribute in this project as volunteers.

The list of required teams includes, but is not limited to:

  • Writers (2+ members): Create contents, Blog articles, activities, news, legals, service contents for the community.
  • Graphical Designers (2+ members): Create images, logos, banners, slideshows, animations (HTML5/Video/Flash), etc.
  • Video Editor (2+ members): Create & edit videos of events, classes and fiqh dorouss.
  • Web Developers/Integrators (2+ members): Install, integrate, develop & troubleshoot all website-related issues.
  • Social Media Managers (2+ members): Post, manage, promote & market the Islamic center’s activities in well known social Media.
  • SEO Experts (1+ members): Submit website links in SE directories. Optimize its ranking through diversified keywords in Google & other engines.
  • Monetization (1+ members): Solicit merchants to advertise on the website.

If you are interested, please join us by filling this short form or send us an email at

If you would like to financially support this project, please use this link for paypal donations:


Jazakom Allahou Khayran.

Note: Please note that most of the tasks will be carried out remotely and follow up will be done by our task management system.