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How to participate in the Waqfiya program of Al-Andalous Islamic Center?

Alhamdo li ALLAH it's completed!

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Waqfiya Program

Al-Andalous Islamic Center (based in Montreal-Canada) invites all members of the Muslim community inside and outside Canada to support the completion of the projet for the acquisition of Al-Andalous Mosque.

We would like to inform you that in a year and a half, Al-Hamdulillah, we have been able to pay the entire purchase amount of the building. This thanks to ALLAH then to the remarkable support of the brothers and sisters by their donation and their loans (qoroud hassana). The amount of these loans is $ 350 000, that should be paid back before the end of this year (2022).

On this basis and with the help of Allah, we are reopening the possibility of purchasing endowment shares « Waqf » for the Al-Andalous Mosque:

  • Shares available for purchase: 320000 shares
  • Share Value: 100 $
  • You can acquire one ou more shares, in a single payment or monthly payments, until the total amount is achieved.
  • An Waqf certificate is issued to the donor, based on the number of shares purchased, in the name of loved ones, or any person of his or her choice.

Note: Tax receipts are available upon request. Simply contact us via email (info@icandalous.ca) with the following information: Name and surname / Postal address / Email address / Phone number.

We invite you to contribute with us in this charity that will expand, in'shaa Allah, to future generations, as a continuous almsgiving for you, your parents, your relatives and all your loved ones.

Other methods to purchase the Waqfiya shares: (one payment or monthly withdrawals):

  1. With Cash, Interac or check in the name of "ASIC" (in an envelope bearing the name and phone number): make an appointment by email or phone and come to the Al-Andalous Islamic Center (816 Ste-Croix H4L 1Y4)
    (514-360-2360, info@icandalous.ca)
  2. By electronic transfer (e-transfer) to the email address info@icandalous.ca and put the word "waqf" as the message attached to the transfer.
  3. By bank transfer to ASIC TD CANADA TRUST account - 48081-004-5218803
    Swift code : TDOMCATTTOR

For people who requires a tax receipt and/or Waqf certificate, please send the following information to us by email at info@icandalous.ca:

  • First and last name (for tax receipt)
  • First and last name of the person in whose name the endowment certificate will be written
  • Mailing address (for tax receipt)
  • Email
  • Phone number

These waqfiya shares are symbolic and do not give any material rights to the donor in the building. But the building will be officially registred as Waqf.